Acrylic Wall Art

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Our Acrylic Wall Art is available as rectangular, square or the stunning round sphere option.

Our crystal clear, ultra-high clarity Acrylics are the perfect choice for modern homes. Acrylic Wall Art makes a fantastic alternative to traditionally framed products, with no frame around the image to ensure that your photograph takes centre stage. Clean, sleek edges and a high-gloss, contemporary finish are the hallmarks of this stunning product.

Using a combination of specially selected materials and skilled UK craftsmanship, our acrylics are truly unique and designed to bring out the best colour rendition & sharpness possible in any image. Bonded using the finest UK made fine art adhesive your images are fully UV protected and sealed to last a lifetime.

The HD acrylic is the premier product on the market and has become one of our best selling ranges. Printed using the finest 12 colour technology and with our specially selected premium grade materials. Our fine white backing seals the image and protects it from heat and moisture. Due to this clarity and depth, the properties of your image are intensified when mounted under acrylic, the product highlights vivid colours and adds depth to shadows.

- 5mm Crystal clear plexiglas

- Facemounted with the highest grade fine art adhesive

- Diamond polished edges

- Supplied ready to hang with an aluminium subframe

- Hi-definition 12 colour printing

- Inks certified for 100+ years

- Handmade by UK craftsmen

The circular crop of the Acrylic Sphere allows for some truly unique display options, creating beautiful acrylic wall art that stands out from the crowd.

Print products and wall art are purchased in addition to digital packages. However, should you wish to order prints or wall art rather than a package then due to the time involved in processing, ordering and printing etc there is a minimum order amount of £299.



Tray framed acrylic

16x12            £295

16x16            £329

20x16            £389

20x20            £399

24x16            £399

24x24            £499

30x20            £529

30x30            £689

36x24            £689

40x30            £929

60x40            £1299

HD acrylic (unframed)

16x12            £249

 16x16            £249

 20x16            £349

 20x20           £399

24x16            £399

24x24            £459

30x20            £499

30x30            £599

36x24            £599

40x30            £699

60x40            £799

Round acrylic (unframed)

16x16            £249

20x20            £399

24x24            £459

30x30            £599

40x40            £699

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